Stripper shares her insane earnings of Drake and The Weeknd going for ...

With the war in Ukraine displacing millions of its citizens, the West has done what it can to take in refugees from the war-torn country.

Now, a strip club outside of Las Vegas is lending its support the best way it can by hiring strippers from Ukraine.

Strip club Little Darlings posted an ad on its giant billboard outside the establishment, stating: “Now Auditioning Ukrainian Strippers.”

The ad featured the blue and yellow colours of the Ukrainian flag and additional wording read, “We Stand With Ukraine”.

Speaking to Fox5, the club manager, Pete Dottore, revealed they had already hired one Ukrainian dancer since the ad was put up.

Dottore was questioned as to whether the ad was appropriate, to which he replied: “We’re standing by them, it’s not [anything] derogatory towards them.”

He continued: “We feel like if we can help out in any way that’s the best way we can do it is maybe help put someone to work.”

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The club manager’s view wasn’t shared by everyone, as a local businesswoman, Mary Grace Yniguez, questioned why there wasn’t alternative work being offered.

Yniguez said: “Why couldn’t [they] offer an executive position within Little Darlings — why couldn’t [the club] offer her a management position?”

But, Dottore defended Little Darlings, saying: “It’s a job. We don’t exploit women if anything we exploit men.”

A picture of the sign was reposted on the Reddit sub r/facepalm, where users posted their mixed opinions.

One person commented: “God, This is really f***** up.”

Another user questioned: “What's wrong with giving Ukrainian women gainful employment?”

“Hey, after work you wanna go support some Ukrainian refugees?” someone else joked.

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