Lauren Boebert tries to discredit Biden with weird ‘Prince John’ comment
Fox News

Lauren Boebert has been in the news recently after making a scene during Joe Biden’s State of the Union address, and she tried to slam him again during an interview with Fox News.

Only, things didn’t exactly go to plan.

The Colorado representative was speaking on Jesse Watters Primetime when she compared the president to “Prince John” – and no-one really knew what she was talking about.

The conversation turned to gas prices on the programme, with Boebert and Watters discussing how the leaders of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have reportedly ruled out speaking with Biden about exporting more oil.

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“I’m just worried if we are going to call on Alaska to start producing this, is Biden going to want to sell it to the Saudis or Venezuela, and think that’s the only way that he will be able to buy oil and gas from Alaska?” she joked.

Viewers weren't quite sure what Boebert was referring toGetty Images/Fox News

Then, in a failed attempt to slam Biden, she said: “And I don’t know who is running the federal government these days, Joe Biden or Prince John from, uhh — Prince John… But they are taxing us into poverty.”

The whole thing was very strange, and people online quickly pointed out that they had no idea who Prince John was, or what point Boebert was trying to make.

Some believed she may have been comparing him to the prince regent who came to the throne in 1199, who was the inspiration behind the character in the story of Robin Hood.

Whatever she was attempting to refer to, viewers all seemed pretty confused.

Boebert also tried to own the gaffe afterwards, but it looked like the damage was already done.

It comes after Boebert yelled at Biden during his State of the Union address while discussing the death of his late son, Beau Biden.

The Colorado congresswoman was booed as she interrupted him to blame Biden for the deaths of 13 soldiers in Afghanistan last year.

After the speech, White House press secretary Jen Psaki addressed the behaviour, saying that it “says a lot more about them” than it does about Biden’s speech.

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