People have just learned how vets X-ray hedgehogs – and it's stunning

People have just learned how vets X-ray hedgehogs – and it's stunning
Hedgehog relaxing in the water
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When getting an x-ray, the key thing to getting the perfect image is to stay perfectly still - but that's pretty difficult if you're a child or an animal.

Therefore, medics have to come up with creative ways to keep the animals in place and this includes our prickly hedgehog friends.

A viral Twitter post originally posted in 2021 has resurfaced showing how hedgehogs remain still for an x-ray if needed.

Dr. Longissiumust tweeted: "In case anyone wondered what a hedgehog getting an X-ray looked like."

The radiologist also included a photo of a hedgehog that had its limbs secured down with tape to ensure it wouldn't scuttle off.

The post provoked some brilliant reactions, here are some of the best of them:

The photo also went viral on Reddit where people continued to share their amusement at the hedgehog.

One person said: "I don’t know why I laughed that they didn’t have to use any stronger tape than that paper tape."

"I thought someone was having a weird Christmas dinner," another person replied.

Someone else added: "I’m a vet tech and in our radiology department there are posters with how to position each animal for all different types of x-rays with rough anatomical drawings of each animal.

"One shows you how to x-ray a fish and it is literally a cartoon fish in a baggie (the kind you take them home from the pet store in) plopped on the table. Idk why but every time I see that poster it cracks me up way more than it should."

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