People are sharing embarrassing pictures of Lewis Hamilton to point out he has no right to tell anyone how to dress

Lewis Hamilton has made people angry after sharing a now – deleted video in which he tells his nephew that ‘boys don’t wear princess dresses’.

He continued by sharing his disappointment at his nephew.

I’m so sad right now.

Look at my nephew.

Lewis was, perhaps without thinking about it, reinforcing negative gender stereotypes. However, in 2017, boys can wear dresses too.

He quickly took to Twitter and apologised for his offensive words:

But people on Twitter were already on fire, and pointed out Hamilton has the tendency to wear some interesting outfits himself.

Let’s have a look, shall we?

There's this number too...

Some might say a princess dress would be an improvement to his wardrobe…

There's this wonderful point:


I mean, look at the gold sequins.

And this one too:

Ultimately, Lewis Hamilton can wear whatever makes him happy.

As can his nephew.

Basically this:

Full stop.

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