This artist has a powerful message about 'BleedingWhileTrans'

Facebook / Toni the Tampon

Artist Cass Clemmer has a powerful message to share with the world – not just women bleed.

Many people who don’t identify as a woman bleed every month (as well as people who do identify as women and don’t have periods).

Clemmer is a trans and nonbinary person – as well as an activist, and the artist behind Toni the Tampon – a travelling tampon with its own social media presence to explain why periods aren’t just a women’s issue.

Clemmer has also written a poem about what it’s like to #bleedwhiletrans.

It states the periods are "traumatic" for Clemmer, and every period is "another day I shred my gender".

The poem goes like this:

The post has already been shared over two thousand times.

According to Mashable the poem was written in June for an event at a menstrual health conference.

Speaking Mashable Clemmer said:

I was, and still am, terrified to be so vulnerable in front of the whole world, especially the unforgiving internet,

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