People are already calling Pixar’s Lightyear trailer a ‘visual masterpiece’

<p>“This movie looks like a visual treat”</p>

“This movie looks like a visual treat”


Four Toy Story movies later, and Buzz Lightyear is back with a unique twist after Pixar dropped a glimpse into his solo return in the first Lightyear trailer.

The plot twist: Buzz is no longer the toy fans know and love. Instead, he’s evolved into a “real person” voiced by Chris Evans.

Dropped on Wednesday, the trailer shows the Space Raider skyrocketing into space to none other than, David Bowie’s iconic hit, Starman.

Nostalgic fans get a glimpse into his fellow comrades, a robotic cat, new planets, bizarre creatures and a character named Alicia wearing the iconic green and white Buzz Lightyear suit.

“To infinity,” she says as she reaches towards Buzz to touch his hand, as he responds, “and” before the screen cut to “Summer 2022”.

Eager fans are already obsessed with the flawless visuals and attention-to-detail already and are taking to Twitter to express their excitement.

<p>\u201cThis movie looks like a visual treat\u201d</p>Quite the glow-up YouTube

“What a GORGEOUS trailer for #Lightyear,” one said. “The fact that we’re looking at frames of animation blows my mind. 

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“Pixar is no stranger to AMAZING visuals, only topped perhaps by the quality of their stories. I can’t wait to witness this story *IN THEATERS*.”

“This movie looks like a visual treat,” another said. While one said, “Lightyear looks like the best Pixar movie in some time, I mean that in a visual and aesthetic sense.”

One eagle-eyed fan also highlighted the production’s detailed reference to Buzz Lightyear’s original box in Toy Story.

In December 2020, Disney shared that Team Pixar would be reviving and updating the classic favourite with Chris Evans as the space hero. Lightyear marks Evans’ third animated movie, following Casey in TMNT and Stewart Stanton in Battle For Terra.

Lightyear will launch into cinemas on 17 June next year.

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