Lions make most of snow day after historic storm

A lion plays in the snow at Denver Zoo
A lion plays in the snow at Denver Zoo

The lions at a Colorado zoo were seen frolicking in the snow after a huge storm caused it to close for three days.

Four five-year-old lion brothers were filmed enjoying the snow in their Benson Predator Ridge enclosure by keepers at Denver Zoo.

After our keepers got the lion's share of a workout making Benson Predator Ridge safe for our lions, hyenas, and Africa

Posted by Denver Zoo on Monday, March 15, 2021

Explaining the energetic show from Bahati, Kito, Jasiri and Usiku, the zoo said: “In Africa, lions spend most of their day trying to find ways to keep cool, so surprisingly, our lions love the snow as they can be as active as they want without overheating.

“And if they catch a chill, they have heated rocks to lounge on and heated bedrooms waiting when they need them.”

The video, which also showed a hyaena tentatively exploring the powder, clocked up around 500,000 views on Facebook.

The zoo was closed over the weekend as Winter Storm Hylia dumped over 27 inches of snow on Denver – the fourth largest storm ever recorded in the city.

It remained shut on Monday as keepers cleaned up after the blizzards and made the zoo safe for animals and visitors.

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