Lord Miles account claims YouTuber captured by Taliban is alive - but fans aren’t convinced

Lord Miles account claims YouTuber captured by Taliban is alive - but fans aren’t convinced
Tobias Ellwood appears to praise Taliban in deleted video from Afghanistan
Tobias Ellwood

A social media account claiming to be run by YouTuber Lord Miles, who is in the custody of the Taliban, claims he is alive, but others are unconvinced.

British YouTuber Miles made a name for himself travelling to dangerous places “for fun”. But his daring acts caught up with him in March 2023 when it is believed he was captured by the Taliban, becoming a “missing person” in Afghanistan.

Since then, speculation has swirled about his well-being and location as an anonymous “friend” of Lord Miles has been updating his X/Twitter account.

Various tweets from other sources have periodically claimed to have evidence that the YouTuber is actually “thriving” while living in a Taliban guesthouse.

But, confusion has spread over the last few days as the friend posting on his behalf claimed that Miles’ Patreon account was suspended and that he had lost thousands of pounds worth of donations that had been sent from concerned fans.

Some remain unconvinced that Miles is alive as photographs or proof of life have not been forthcoming. Others have suggested that he is dead and his so-called “friends” are using his status to “scam” people out of money.

One person wrote: “Just admit he's dead and you are looting his finances. Some ‘friends’ you are.”

Another said: “Either he’s the deadest anyone has ever been dead or this is a scam for the ages.”

The person posting on Miles’ account wrote: “Give us around 2 weeks and you will have solid proof. We expect an apology when it comes however. You guys have no idea the stuff you're putting Miles through.”

Internet personality Justin Whang also got involved in the discussion, claiming to know for sure that Miles is alive.

He claimed: “I know this is the same s*** everyone says and nobody believes but Miles is alive and I can’t say how I know.”

One person argued: “Honestly if he does end up being alive I’m not gonna feel that silly, you have done a comically bad job of running his account (+ Patreon never would’ve been suspended but for you).

“I honestly thought he was more likely to be alive when he wasn’t tweeting than since you took over.”

For now, the well-being of Lord Miles appears to remain a mystery.

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