Man who won £105m on lottery says he drives second-hand car and still does DIY

Man who won £105m on lottery says he drives second-hand car and still does DIY
Britain's biggest-ever lottery winner jokes 'generally my luck is pretty terrible'

What would you do with one million dollars? It's an age-old question that spawns tons of answers. But what would you do with £105 million?

That's the question lottery winners Steve, 42, and Lenka, 41, Thomson had to answer when they won one of the UK's largest jackpots in 2019.

Speaking to The Sun, the Thomsons revealed what they've done with their newfound wealth - and many are surprised to find that they still live by modest means and refuse to spend it recklessly.

Steve bought himself a used van and a Volvo XC90 for his wife.

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Their biggest purchase yet has been an estate in the countryside of Kent that gave their children their own bedrooms - something they've wanted for a long time.

“The kids have finally got their own bedrooms," Steve told The Sun. "It’s a simple thing but it was all they ever wished for"

However, Steve, a builder, has vowed to renovate the large new home himself.

“We are very lucky to be in this place but there’s a lot of work that needs doing, so I’ll be focusing on that for the time being," Steve said.

The family has put tens of millions into a trust and invested a chunk of their sums into Coutts & Co, a bank and investment service for high net worth individuals.

It seems Steve and Lenka are doing their best to keep themselves grounded despite coming into immense wealth suddenly.

Like many other lottery winners, Steve said they're still adjusting to their new life.

“I still haven’t got over what happened to us and am honestly still trying to process it still," Steve said.

Earlier this month, Gloucester residents Joe and Jess Thwaite won the largest jackpot ever at £184m.

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