Neighbour sends furious letter to couple after being woken up by 'most aggressive sex ever heard'

Neighbour sends furious letter to couple after being woken up by 'most aggressive sex ever heard'
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Dinesh Kshatriyan

A man was left mortified after discovering an angry note left on his Tinder date's door from an irate neighbour.

It candidly complained about how "the most aggressive sex" they have ever heard kept them up until the early hours of the morning.

He shared an image of the letter to Reddit, which slammed the couple's bedroom antics as "not normal" and said that they needed professional help.

To make matters worse, the angered neighbour said the entire floor could hear them.

The full letter read: "Please, for the love of Christ (and on behalf of everyone of the 26th and 27th floors), shut the f**k up.

"At 5am, I expect to be sound asleep, not listening to the sound of moaning and the most aggressive sex I've ever heard.

"Either lay off the blow or go and see a therapist because this is not normal.

"Just so you know, the entire floor can hear you."

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Fellow Redditors squirmed with secondhand embarrassment from the note. One said they would have kept this to themselves out of pure shame. "I would be absolutely mortified if I got this note," they said, "The last thing I would do is post it everywhere."

Another related to the neighbours, saying: "I've had some really loud neighbours. I've been tempted to leave a note asking them to stop being so loud. Mostly because it sounded painfully fake."

"Like you could tell it was a blatant attempt at letting everyone know they're going at it rather than genuine enjoyment," They added.

Others made light of the man's "humblebrag."

"Love a good combo post," one Redditor commented. "Humble brag while making me laugh."

Another concluded: "Well done, sir. The 'humble brag' has just been elevated."

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