M&S Romford workers become viral TikTok stars thanks to their inimitable dance moves

M&S Romford workers become viral TikTok stars thanks to their inimitable dance moves

Brands and stores have been doing their utmost to connect with customers through making entertaining content over on TikTok - and one supermarket store has been a particular hit on the platform.

Enter the Marks & Spencer store in Romford (@mandsromford), east London, who have delighted viewers with their antics – from their on-point dance routines, hilarious lip syncing, and promoting products through doing the latest trends – all while on shift at the store.

Employees made their first post on the account in January this year. Since then, their creative videos have gained over 30,000 followers and 870,000 likes, along with millions of views in total.

And their bio is inspired by the retailer’s famous slogan, which reads: “This is not just any M&S Tiktok page… it’s M&S Romford’s Tiktok page.”

Going viral has certainly helped business, as store manager Lee Spencer told the Romford Recorder: “Customers have been coming into store, telling staff how much they are enjoying seeing the hardworking team having so much fun and showing off their dance moves.

“They are also requesting autographs from the trio for family Christmas presents whilst doing their daily shop.”

As their platform continues to grow and the staff become local celebrities, here are some of the best TikToks from M&S Romford.

Backstreet Boys - I Want It That Way

Starting off with an absolute banger, we can all appreciate the catchiness of the 90s boyband classic, especially M&S Romford’s very own “The BACKSTAGE boys!” which sees five members of the team lip syncing their heart out to the hit.

With slow-motion shots, synchronised dancing – along with staring off into the distance and some heartfelt chest grabs for good measure – what more could you ask for?

Gimme Gimme Gimme (A Man After Midnight)

ABBA’s Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man after Midnight) is a timeless tune, which has recently had a new lease of life after trending on TikTok, and also thanks to the Swedish band reuniting.

So of course, M&S Romford staff had to put their own twist on the trend with one employee called Sharon passionately lip syncing the iconic lines, all the while dancing to a backdrop of Peppa Pig products and shortbread biscuits. In the end, her enthusiastic performance leads her to be carried away by two co-workers.

As a result, Sharon’s lively display gained over 900,000 views and complimentary comments such as “GET THIS ICON A RAISE”.

Others wrote: “She understood the assignment,” “She is the moment,” and “This isn’t Charity Shop Sue, it’s M&S Mary”. You get the picture.

That Friday feeling

We can all relate to getting that feel-good Friday feeling, and staff at the Romford M&S are able to perfectly capture the good vibes by not getting a step wrong with some wholesome dance videos.

It’s impossible not to watch the videos without a smile appearing on your face.


We’ve got that Friday feeling! Happy weekend 🥰 #marksandspencer #mands #romford #food #tiktokfashionmonth #fyp #fypシ

When prosecco is a third off

What better way to promote a discount on prosecco than a hilariously relatable meme?

Sharon’s back again, and this time she’s sharing her excitement at the discount by waving her hands in air and doing the Stanky leg before cracking up with laughter.

We’re sold – get us the bubbles ASAP.


Summer drinks festival on at M&S! 3-30th August #marksandspencer #mandsfood #romford #MyIdoles #mands #CruelSummerConfessions #mandslocal

New uniform

After getting new uniforms, the staff seemed to be feeling themselves by dancing to Drake’s Way 2 Sexy (though they did look pretty serious while perfecting their moves).

It looks like viewers agreed as the video received 1.3m views, and over 142,000 likes, with comments such as “What is happening this is so funny,” “This is so unintentionally hilarious,” and “IM CRYING.”

Halloween fun

When Halloween arrived, M&S Romford did not come to play - with Sharon dressing up a witch (with a raisin tooth as an extra touch) to show off the latest Halloween-themed products available in store.


Let’s get this party pumpkin! 🎃 We’re in the Halloween spirit at Romford! #mandsfood #mandslocal #halloween #mands #fyp #fypシ #marksandspencer

Then you had some of the workers lip syncing and dancing to the Halloween Backstreet Boys bop Everybody (Backstreet’s Back).

Once more, there were slow-motion shots, this time of the guys showing off the Halloween products on sale, marketing genius to be honest.


Now that Christmas is around the corner, of course, the Romford store is going to post related content as the supermarket bring out festive products.

And even in November, they’re already on it - with three of the workers showing off their Percy Pig hoodie (which sadly isn’t for sale) and goodies while having a little boogie ahead of the release of the retailer Christmas advert the following day starring actor Tom Holland as Percy Pig.

It seems many of us are keen to get into the festive spirit as the video has over 670,000 views.


Who’s ready for the christmas ad tomorrow?! 🐷 #mandslocal #mandsfood #percypig #WonderWaterDrip #fypシ #fyp

Let’s hope they keep the entertaining content coming.

Watch more of M&S Romford’s TikTok video’s here.

indy100 has contacted Marks and Spencer for comment.

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