Machine Gun Kelly takes stage with Motley Crue in Atlanta
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A peeved-off TikTok user headed to the platform after believing a North Carolina waterpark shut down to give private access to musician Machine Gun Kelly.

The viral clip showed TikTok user @vwavloggerswithattitudes on an expletive-filled rant, calling MGK an "entitled little p***k."

He showed a shot of the empty wave pool while claiming: "One entitled little p***k makes everything shut down. Isn't that great? This is what Carowinds thinks of their paying customers – people that have to make financial sacrifices to be here. And there he is over there."

The footage zooms into a small section of the waterpark where MGK was seated, as the TikToker raged: "F*** you Machine Gun Kelly, you suck. Your songs suck; you're a dork. Your hair sucks. You're a f***ing a**hole."

Flipping the camera onto himself, he confessed to peeing in the pool ahead "right before Machine Gun Kelly got in."

He added: "How do you like that, little b****? How do you like swimming in my f***king p*** Machine Gun Kelly? I hope you enjoyed that sh**."

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The waterpark has since settled the rumour, telling PEOPLE that the claims are "100 per cent incorrect" and the pool had shut down due to "a poorly timed maintenance issue on a filter."

Carowinds Director of Communications Courtney Weber said: "The wave pool had already shut down because of a maintenance issue."

They added: "We chose to put [MGK] in the cabana towards the end ... he did not choose any of that, that was us ... for his safety, as well as guests', because there was a lot of commotion, obviously."

The TikToker still wasn't buying it.

A fellow user commented "they shut the pool down because someone got cut not because mgk was there" – reiterating Carowind's statement, to which he claimed: "We did ask. We were told by 2 different staff members that they shut it down for him."

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