Sometimes people are a little clueless about sex.

One man wrote to Guardiansex expert Pamela Stephenson Connolly about his nine-month relationship with a woman.

According to him, the sex between them is “good”, but he found out that after they finish, she masturbates.

The man thinks she is “insatiable”, and doesn’t know what to do.


In short, Connolly told him to “do nothing”.

She said:

Many women crave a second orgasm, especially if she has been super-aroused during intercourse.

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While this may be sound advice, not everyone is convinced that the woman masturbates because she wants more orgasms.

More like she wants an orgasm.

In the comment section, one person wrote:

That, to me, says that she isn't climaxing. He 'thought' the sex was good. But have they really talked about it, or is he just assuming because she hasn't complained? Communication seems to be a major problem in some relationships, because of embarrassment maybe, but you probably shouldn't be having sex with someone if you can't talk to them about it.

Also, if the answer to 'Did she come?' is 'I think so' – that's probably a no.

Another agreed, saying that it could be that “the only orgasm she’s getting is from her ‘after time’".

And another suggested the man needs to “work harder at satisfying her during sex”.

Others are sending the man some solid advice of their own.

It’s useful to point out that most women don’t orgasm through penetrative sex.

Multiple studies, including this one – which found 82 percent of women do not reach orgasm through intercourse alone – confirms this.

The column has a bit of a history with strange questions.

Like the one about this woman who fantasises about having group sex with old, obese men.

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