Man does Borat impression as he’s about to be arrested: ‘You really think that’s funny?’

<p> “You really think that’s funny? You’re about to be arrested”</p>

“You really think that’s funny? You’re about to be arrested”


A man has gone viral after taking to TikTok with his hilarious and unconventional reaction to being pulled over by cops.

The clip, which has reached over seven million views, shows TikToker @habibijaysgarage parked up behind the wheel of his car. Flashing lights from the cop car can be seen through the rear window.

He bursts out into an uncanny impression of Sacha Baron Cohen’s infamous Borat character and says, “I say he’s never going to catch me....”

“But he catch me.”

The cop was seemingly unimpressed as he reminded the man: “You really think that’s funny? You’re about to be arrested.”

In true Borat style, he joked back: “Oh lala!”

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Hundreds of TikTokers flocked to the viral clip in hysterics. “*Walks in jail* - ‘wow wow wee wah’”, one joked while another commented: “How do you say ‘I’ve got money for lawyers’ without saying ‘I’ve got money for lawyers’.”

Referring to the 15 hashtags included in the caption, another TikTok user added: “Hold on, let me type all these hashtags before you take me.”

The man later followed up with a second video to add a bit of context to the incident after the cops allegedly compounded his car.

He explained, “Thought I’d give them a good laugh after impounding my car as I drive away in my girl’s car.” The footage showed the man driving away from the officers while blasting the ‘Cops’ theme song, ‘Bad Boys.’

He later said that he was pulled over several times: “A couple of times because of my lights, a couple of times for my tints, and then my exhaust which I still have to fix.”

He added that he is never rude to authorities, and nine times out of ten, he is pulled over as “a warning.” He simply enjoys making the cops laugh.

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