Man caught square-dancing tries to 'destroy the internet' out of embarrassment

Picture: Weifang media
Picture: Weifang media

A man in China was worried that photos of him square dancing might be leaked onto the internet. In a bid to stop this happening he tried to destroy the "internet", by cutting some big internet cables.

You can laugh, but don't pretend you know why this wouldn't work, or how you would actually break the internet.

According to reports from Chinese media, a man in Weifang, Shandong province, participated in a local dancing competition in June. During the dance he noticed some onlookers were taking photographs, and he became worried that images of him square dancing might be put on the internet, making him look silly.

In a cruel twist for the man concerned, his plans to stop this resulted in there being embarrassing photos on the internet, which make him look silly...

Picture: Weifang

The man destroyed four optical cable network receivers, roughly 100,000 Yuans (£11,407) worth of damage. Reports say he travelled around the area to find each of the four transfer cable boxes run by China Telecom. According to Weifang local news, the damage caused internet loss for a large number of users in the area. On 19 August, the police arrested the suspected vandal.

Picture: Weifang

As well as temporarily knocking out the internet, the man seems to have been successful, in so far as no photos of him square dancing have appeared online.

And they say crime doesn't pay...

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