Man discovers he sent STD test result as part of job application

The dating scene can be pretty challenging to navigate and somewhat tedious at times. However, one man changed the entire game with his creative approach to securing a date.

TikTok user Becca (@blondebrokeandbougie) showcased the "amazing" lead up to a date with a man she met on Hinge.

Becca revealed that the pair started talking through the app, where she told him she had a boat. He asked what he had to do to get on it, to which she jokingly responded: "Present your qualifications."

He hilariously took her remark quite literally and summarised his skills and past experience in a fake CV. He even included further details under "human being" and "boating enthusiast".

Becca's match sent over a PDF in an email: "Enclosed please find my resume. After careful review, I believe you will find my qualifications exceed expectations and I would be the perfect fit for the position of Date/Guy to invite on your boat," he wrote.

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Moral of the story is always commit to the bit

It didn't stop there. The pair continued to role play with Becca inviting him to a "first-round interview" to be "assessed."

She said: "I confirmed and told him to have several copies of his resume available for review upon arrival, and let him know that our dress code is business formal.

"So I was a little disappointed when he did not show up in a full suit, but it can be forgiven because this exchange was A+."

The viral clip racked up over 3.1 million views and was inundated with comments telling the TikToker to marry this man.

"Marry him," one user declared. "Getting a guy that has a sense of humour only happens one in 2,000,000 times."

Another called the exchange incredibly "charming", adding: "I love when people commit to the bit"

A third added: "Matching energy, that's so much fun."

If this was the effort for a first date, you can only imagine the wedding proposal.

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