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Breaking up a relationship is not fun.

On top of the heartbreak, comfort eating/fasting, and missing their touch, there are so many regrets.

Particularly, things you wish you had said to them afterwards.

Now there's a place to share your attempts at catharsis.

Sean Peter Drohan, from New York, has created a Google spreadsheet, for all the heartbroken souls out there to share the text message they wish they'd send.

Some are hilarious, some sorrowful, most are painfully honest.

Since creating it on Valentine's Day, there are over 800 entries in this 'database' of ex messages.

Speaking to Metro, Drohan explained the value of such a simple spreadsheet:

Presumably, it never hits the target audience, but writing it down, publicly, gives you a second to be honest in a world that doesn’t make you feel like it ever wants you to just be honest about what you’re feeling.

A lot of people are really funny on it, and those are awesome, and then other people go in the other direction and are definitely trying to perform how sad they are, but most people are just very sincere, and that’s not normal in 2017, but it’s very nice.

Warning: These are NSFW

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