Man slammed for telling woman she is 'too fat' minutes into first date

Woman discovers mystery vacation man is married after TikTok hunt
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A man has been slammed for telling his Tinder date that she was “too fat” within minutes of meeting her.

TikTok user Kailee Ross explained what happened in a viral clip, saying “I think the world needs a little bit more representation of what dating in 2022 is shaping up to look like”.

In the video, Ross described the date in question, revealing that it was their first date and they had planned to go to a restaurant.

She explained that her date was hyping up their meeting, saying that he saw “a lot of potential” and he couldn’t wait to meet her.

Ross went on to say that they had to wait for a table at the restaurant and got talking in the meantime.

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#toofat #dating2022 #fuckyourbeautystandards


#toofat #dating2022 #fuckyourbeautystandards

#toofat #dating2022 #fuckyourbeautystandards

She said: “I thought conversation was going great and we were talking for about five minutes and he looked over at me and he’s like, ‘Hey, I’m going to be honest I’m not really feeling a connection.'”

After his revelation, Ross told him that was fine and asked if she should leave or whether he still wanted to eat.

She ended up agreeing to stay and eat, but when they got seated at their table and Ross removed her coat, the man revealed he thought she was too fat.

Ross continued: “He just looked at me and said, ‘Oh… yeah I thought so’. And I said, ‘What?’ and he said, ‘Well you know fitness and being healthy is really a big part of my life.’”

When she asked him what his point was, he replied: “Well, you’re too fat for me.”

She said: “[His] exact words. Exact words – You’re too fat for me.”

People rushed to show support to Ross after her unpleasant experience.

One person wrote: “Honey, I hope you walked out. You’re too GOOD for him.”

Someone else added: “I would have stood up and yelled really loud 'you’re sleeping with your sister!?' Then stormed out dramatically!”

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