Man goes viral and sparks debate with controversial TikTok about dating younger women

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A man has divided viewers on TikTok after posting a video about dating younger women.

TikToker Marcel Pospiech (@maca_pospi) uploaded a clip of himself sitting in his car with a text overlay that reads: "Me on the night out after telling myself no more younger girls."

A TikTok sound then plays where the 27-year-old lip-syncs along to a man asking "How old are you?" to which a young woman replies "I am 20."

This is a popular moment from the 2008 hit movie Mamma Mia where Bill (Stellan Skarsgård) asks Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) how old she is.

In Pospiech's video, the audio mashed up with another trending sound in which the Miami model and personal trainer smiles and lip syncs "You're coming home with me," to express his interest in young women.

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The second audio originates from a viral TikTok by YouTuber Chris Klemens who eyes up a particularly small fork in a restaurant to which he gasps, says: “You’re coming home with me."

Since sharing his dating preference, the Pospiech has received more than 281,000 views and 26,400 likes, along with hundreds of comments exploring the wider debate over whether people in their early 20s are mature enough to be dating older men.


🤭 #fyp

There were many people who made their feelings clear and shared their outrage at Pospiech's video.

One person wrote: "NOT A FLEX."

"This feels wrong even tho legally it’s not," another person said.

Someone else replied: "Tell me that you can't compete in your age range without telling me."

"Aka I can’t pull women my age," a fourth person replied along with a red flag emoji.

However, there were also plenty of people defending the TikToker in the comments section.

One person said: "Why are y’all tripping lol 20 is old enough."

"Why everyone is getting so mad have u seen the amount of girls doing this trend saying the exact same thing? It says 20, not 15," another person wrote.

Someone else added: "People are so mad for no reason. Same thing as a girl saying she likes older guys."

"20 is not even the SLIGHTEST bit illegal plssss guys," a fourth person replied.

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