Man queues four hours for rare Disney merchandise and then gives it away for free

Man queues four hours for rare Disney merchandise and then gives it away for free
Man queues four hours for rare Disney merchandise and then gives it ...

Avid Disney fans spent hours queuing up at Disney World in Florida to get their hands on some limited-edition merchandise - and one man decided to generously give away the sought-after product.

TikToker Jason Martin (@tattoodisneydad) who is a local Disney fan was one of the many people who had their eye on the rare popcorn buckets shaped like the pink dragon Figment - a character that his mum has loved "pretty much her whole life" so decided to queue up to purchase two of them.

"She's had two different dogs named Figment, and her birthday happened to be the day before," Martin told Insider. "I thought, 'What a perfect gift to go and get her this bucket and have it when she gets to Florida.'"

After he arrived at the park an hour before it opened, Martin then proceed to queue with hundreds of others for three hours before finally being able to buy the two buckets - Disney's purchase quantity limit.

The Disney Spirit! #figmentday #popcornbucket #tattoodisneydad #purplepigment #disneycommunity #distok


The Disney Spirit! #figmentday #popcornbucket #tattoodisneydad #purplepigment #disneycommunity #distok

The Disney Spirit! #figmentday #popcornbucket #tattoodisneydad #purplepigment #disneycommunity #distok

While the TikToker knew he was going to gift one of them to his mum, some of his friends expressed their interest in the bucket and he was left feeling unsure of who to give the second bucket to.

Overwhelmed, he began "to have an anxiety attack" after he left the queue.

Though Martin soon realised what to do after a brief chat with a fellow parkgoer and decided to give away the bucket for free to "someone might not have the opportunity to get it."

In the TikTok video, Martin said: "This guy right here [second Figment bucket], this guy is for the spirit of Disney, let's go find somebody in the back of the line and give it to them."

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The footage then shows a montage of the long line, as he made his way to the back and then told viewers: "So that's the end of the line, let's backtrack and find somebody to give this away to."

Martin found the perfect person to give the merch to, as the video showed him handing the bucket over to a woman in line who is taken aback by the kind gesture, and asked him: "Oh my God, are you serious?"

To which the TikToker replied: "Yeah, have a good day," as other people in the line can be heard saying "Aw" in the background.

"I was nervous about the situation," he admitted to Insider. "I basically handed it to her and immediately turned around and started walking away. I wasn't trying to do this for attention."

"If I played a role in spreading that positivity, then even the negative comments on TikTok are worth it," he added.

Since sharing his thoughtful act on TikTok, Martin's video has received 2m views, 237,000 likes, along with thousands of comments praising his generosity.

One person wrote: "Love that you did this rather than put it on EBay for $200."

"Way to be one little spark of inspiration," the Disney Parks TikTok account said.

Another person added: "Omg I’m balling my eyes out! You are so incredible!!!!!"

"True Disney spirit! Not reselling forget profit, instead, spreading the magic," someone else replied.

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