Man experiences world's loneliest stag do after friends' flights are cancelled

Man experiences world's loneliest stag do after friends' flights are cancelled

Bachelor parties, the American version of what we would call a stag do, are all about camaraderie, shared experiences and trying to avoid being tied up to something.

So imagine how disappointed Robert Chernow felt when he flew from New York to Chicago to celebrate the impending nuptials of friend Jake, only to find that the flight that the groom and the rest of their friends were on had been cancelled.

This left Robert alone in an unfamiliar city, but under the hashtag #ChicagoForOne on Instagram he tried to document his efforts to make the best of a bad situation.

He was very positive at first, heading to a Chicago Bears game.

But then things started getting a bit too real on the party boat.

"This is Michelle. Her and her family sat next to me on the boat (the seats that my friends would've been occupying had they made it here). She showed genuine remorse for my situation - So much so that she gave me a mini bottle of Cabernet before telling her kids 'let's go sit somewhere else and let the sad man be alone'. Thanks, Michelle!"

"I can pick any horse I want."

His situation showing no immediate signs of improvement, Robert turned to Tinder.

But that escalated quickly.

As the day wore on, Robert became literally blue.

With no friends in sight, Robert treated himself to a spa day. Hurray.

If you didn't already realise, Robert has an excellent dry sense of humour: "Both my hotel concierge Alex and new friends on Tinder agree - The Bean at Millennial Park is a must for a great photo-shoot. 'It's the perfect for spot for a wacky photo with all your friends in front of the Chicago Skyline'. Thanks, Alex!"

Then he became a charity case.

And even architecture turned against him.

"This is Aryana. She assures me that 'the bus will be here soon. Just wait.'...I've heard that one before. Thanks, Aryana!"

But then... Jake turned up! 'After spending 40+ hrs in flight purgatory he has finally arrived and was so excited that he couldn't help scream "thanks for making my weekend all about you'. You're welcome, Jake..."

Robert's story had charmed the city of Chicago so much, that night he and his friends got the VIP club treatment.

We're very happy this story had a happy ending.

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