Tips on How to Avoid Dating App Scammers

A man has discovered his friend is using dating apps despite being engaged and it is as awkward as it sounds.

Posting on Reddit, he said he had no idea what to do after his friend "found her on Bumble" and texted him screenshots of her profile.

He said: "My work wife from my first job has been a close friend of mine for years, we still hang out at least a couple times a week. She's engaged to a guy who I really like and is getting married in May.

"Yesterday, a friend of mine found her on Bumble and texted me screenshots. I sent them to her asking if there is something I should know, and she replied that they must be from when she was still single and that she probably forgot to turn it off.

All's well that ends well? Nope. He added that the pictures are recent so he remained suspicious especially as he soon-to-be husband isn't like the men she has dated in the past.

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"Some of our friends have joked that she can do better - she's really, really attractive and makes great money, while he's very much the blue collar type," he wrote.

"But he treats her like a princess, a big upgrade from the trash f**kboys she's dated in the past. I get the feeling she's having second thoughts and looking around again.

So what can he do? "I'm kind of conflicted on whether or not I should bring this up, and if I do, whether I should talk to her or him about it. She's a close friend and if things don't work out, it's her side that I'll take. But I've been in toxic relationships before and can't help but think I'd feel very guilty if he marries her next month without knowing she's not fully invested."

Reacting to the story, most people thought he should let the man know.

"I know plenty of people might say stay out of it and I understand that to some degree, but all I can think is that if I were that guy I would hope someone would tell me that information before I got married to a person like her," one said.

Another wrote: "He deserves to be able to make an informed choice. Show him the same compassion and respect that you'd want to be shown."

And a third said: "Let the poor guy know this. This is something that if you were on his shoes, would thank the heavens someone told you."

Pretty awkward.

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