Man seen clinging to back of moving bus in North-West London

A man was filmed clinging to the back of a moving bus in North-West London with shocking footage of the incident posted on social media.

While paying for public transit is no one’s favourite thing to do, the majority of people do in order to get safely from A to B.

But one person decided they would rather risk their life than pay for their journey as footage showed them clinging to the back of the bus.

The clip was posted on Twitter by Andrea Heribanova, who was so shocked by what he saw that he began filming.

In the video, a person wearing black and neon yellow garments can be seen holding onto the back of a 182 bus.

Posting the clip, he wrote: “Omg, I started recording late but there’s a guy clinging to the back of the 182 bus because he didn’t want to pay a bus fare from Harrow & Wealdstone.”

Speaking about the shocking moment, Heribanova told indy100: “I was just coming out of the Harrow & Wealdstone station.

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“It was some teenager, could be 18, he was refused a ride by the driver. I thought he didn’t have money on his Oyster card and as the bus was ready to move, the guy jumped at the back of the bus.

“By the time I took my phone out and started the camera, the bus was already moving so I only recorded a few seconds and then the bus disappeared behind the corner.”

Responding to the Twitter clip, one person wrote: “Just f**king walk instead of risking life and limb. Tf wrong with people these days.”

Indy100 has contacted TFL for comment.

Additional reporting by Thomas Kingsley.

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