Creepy guy filmed hitting on uncomfortable teenage girl during live stream

Creepy guy filmed hitting on uncomfortable teenage girl during live stream
Photo courtesy of @maasassin_/TikTok

Chilling footage of an uncomfortable teenage girl being approached by a creepy sounding stranger was captured on film - because she was broadcasting live online at the time.

The 18-year-old, who goes by @maasassin_ on TikTok, posted the experience in two parts on the platform.

In the first video, which has received 12 million views, the man (who is off camera) initially approaches her table and asks if a chair is free, she says, ‘Um yeah, you can take that’.

But instead of taking the chair, he sits down and tries to start talking to her, despite clear body language that she’s uncomfortable.

“I didn’t mean you could sit there,” she says, looking startled. But her comments go ignored and he sits down to ask how she’s doing.

In a creepy drawl, he eventually acknowledges her non-verbal cues and says: “I see your hesitancy.”

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“I just, I just, I couldn’t help but notice you were the only one hanging out over here and my intentions were to come hang out over here, and my intentions were to come hang out over here by the pool, [slightly slurred] and I didn’t see anybody else over here.”

He seems to get the message to leave when he realizes other people can hear what he’s up to.

When she says “I’m currently, uh, on, on a live, talking with some people,” he mutters something then says “it was nice to meet you” and leaves.

In the second video, it’s at that point that a bystander’s voice is heard engaging the creep, who says: “I was just saying ‘hey’ to her”.

The bystander replies: “That’s cool. That’s my niece.” Some on Reddit speculated that the bystander was not her uncle, but instead trying to scare the creepy guy away from the area. In the second part

Afterwards, she said the guy looked about 25-30 years old.

Reddit users responded with disgust: “It’s so hard to watch. Her body language shows how scared she is, you can see how fast her heart must be racing.

“People unfamiliar with this feeling may not be able to fully empathize, but it’s just such a horrible feeling. Every part of your body wants to run and feels a threat, but your threat is coded in “politeness” and your mind is racing deciding whether you’re actually in danger or just jumping to conclusions.”

Twitter was equally shocked and disturbed by this unfortunate reality. Check out some of the reactions.

In a follow-up video, the teenager said that she did speak to someone at the front desk of the hotel who said they are familiar with the man, and that they would have a chat with him about his actions.

We can all learn from a situation from this. The teenager’s friend helped out so much just by being present and speaking to the man. Instantly, you could see how relieved she was for that moment because it was uncomfortable.

It’s a shame that anyone should have to be wary of being alone in a place.

And with that, we should all do our due diligence to pay attention to situations like this if we happen to witness them. We can do this by pretending to know the person who’s going through this as well as asking them if they are alright to ward off the creeps.

Let’s try to make the world a safer place.

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