TikTok user proposes by hiding engagement ring in KFC meal – and the internet loves it

<p>His girlfriend tucked into her fast food meal with no idea her life was about to change</p>

His girlfriend tucked into her fast food meal with no idea her life was about to change


They say the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach, and one fried chicken lover has certainly put that to the test.

TikTok user @higbogg decided to propose to his girlfriend while they were out enjoying a picnic – but it was far from your classic romantic affair.

In a video posted to the platform, his beloved can be seen digging into a KFC box and nonchalantly pulling out an American-style biscuit (it’s a bit like a scone to us Brits).

She then splits the bun in half to reveal an engagement ring concealed inside, and shrieks with delighted shock.

“Are you kidding me?” she asks. “What is this?,” as she gazes open-mouthed at her beau.

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“Will you marry me?” he responds laughing, as she sits there, still clutching her baked makeshift box.

The clip has been viewed more than 15.4 million times since it was posted last week, racking up more than 18,400 comments from delighted viewers.

“This. This kinda love,” wrote one.

“This is the first time in the history of the world that I’ve watched a proposal video and wanted to be friends with a couple,” another remarked.

“He really said I’m gonna risk it for the biscuit,” a third joked, accompanied by a diamond ring emoji.

“If my future husband doesn’t propose to me with a biscuit or some other delicious carb, I don’t want it,” a fourth warned.

And another – clearly trying to do the pair a favour – tagged KFC’s official account, with the message: “I believe that KFC is paying for the wedding and honeymoon, right?”

Meanwhile, some British TikTokers were a little lost in translation, with one writing: “Me missing the whole proposal because I’m from the UK and I can’t work out why it’s a scone and not a biscuit.”

It was clearly a finger-licking good idea

For anyone wondering if she said yes, her hubby-to-be shared the answer in a follow-up slide show.

The reel showed her showing off her rock, while clutching a chicken tender, before dissolving into snaps of the loved-up pair embracing.

The future groom captioned the vid: “I never thought that I would be proposing to the girl of my dreams with a KFC biscuit.”

Given how well the whole thing went down, he certainly won’t be the last Romeo to do so.

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