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A man trying to make a speech about how certain races should serve as slaves (yes, really), was hilariously undermined by a protestor.

The man spouting off racist nonsense was captured on video and uploaded to social media by people walking by.

As he tries to give his speech on race and slavery to the assembled crowd, his opponent - rocking a leather biker jacket and jeans - exercised his own right to free expression by shouting:


He does this every time the white supremacist opens his gob.

The approach was certainly amusing to those present, and people viewing it on Twitter.

The video of the incident was posted by @paigebrittany with the caption:

This idiot was trying to make a racist announcement and this guy kept yelling NOOOOO in his face lmao

It's unclear what specifically the speaker was attempting to protest.

On the video he manages to say the following words without interruption:

There is a prophecy...held among them...that all other races...are put on this planet...to serve them as slaves...

Sibling tactics at their finest.

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