Man's job interview ruined after bosses pull up CCTV footage of him

Man's job interview ruined after bosses pull up CCTV footage of him
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What's done in the dark comes to light - or gets caught on camera.

A man on TikTok was left flabbergasted after the company he was interviewing for showed him footage of him shoplifting from the store.

In a viral video on the platform with over 331,000 views, Kian (@kieyin) revealed that he stole from the undisclosed retail store, all before he decided to apply there at a later date.

But unfortunately, luck was not on his side, as the store had working security cameras.

"When I went for a job interview, and they showed me footage of me stealing from them," he wrote in the onscreen text.

He can also be seen covering his mouth with his hand in disbelief.

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Man has retail store job interview ruined after bosses pulled up CCTV footage of

People took to the comment section of Kian's post to give their opinions on the situation.

Some said that it would prevent him from applying to other chain stores if he considered it.

One person wrote: "Well, nvm about applying to Hot Topic."

"This is why I ain't apply to Walmart, bro," another added.

Some suggested how they would handle the matter if they were caught in the crossfire.

"The way I would've lied and said that's my twin or triplet," a third added.

Still, others decided to make light of the situation and poked fun at it, with one writing: "Looks like they will not be stealing your time. That's a win."

In the video's caption, Kian did note that he didn't get the job, which isn't surprising.

These days, retailers have seemingly been taking matters into their own hands when it comes to cracking down on shoplifting.

In a February report from NBC News, retail security experts note that 15 per cent of retailers use radio frequency identification or RFID technology in the form of tags attached to clothes to identify the stolen merchandise.

Indy100 reached out to Kian via TikTok comment.

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