This man's romantic gesture backfired majestically

Big romantic gestures are always a risk - but Hollywood would have us believe they always pay off in the end.

Unfortunately not for this poor husband, who tried to place a sweet, impromptu love note for his wife on her car.

Spoiler alert: it was not the right car.

He posted this hilarious picture on Reddit, after realising what he'd done, apologising to the neighbours. The title of the post?

(Wanted my suspicious wife to think I wasn't hitting on you)

Picture: Picture: Reddit/KermitTheSnail

Remember those billboards in Love Actually, basically encouraging Keira Knightley to cheat on her new husband with his best friend?

Or that bit in Titanic, where Jack chivalrously gives up the floating door for Rose?

This poorly-placed note now joins the ranks of Biggest Romantic Gesture Fails.

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