One man’s search for his missing cats resulted in a five month spell in jail, after the kitten he recovered turned out not to be his.

Patryk Ligeza, 24, was caught stealing what he thought to be one of his two lost kittens from the open window of a nearby home in Hull.

The two kittens had gone missing after a friend had failed to look after them sufficiently while he was serving jail time for shoplifting.

After being caught in the act, Mr Ligeza was confronted by the owner of the home who then called the police.

He was arrested and charged for burglary and was subsequently remanded in custody for five months until the day of his trial.

But Judge Graham Robinson of Hull Crown Court eventually snuffed the case as an “innocent mistake”.

He believed he saw his two cats in the complainant’s house and he was retrieving what he believed to be his property.

It is obvious there was no crime in this, no malice and no dishonesty. Justice has prevailed in the end and that is what we are all striving for.

  • Judge Robinson
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