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Showing up late to work doesn't make anyone happy, yourself, your boss, or your co-workers who actually did show up on time.

Of course, things happen and we can't always make it work. For some, the pandemic and working from home have made it even harder to crawl out of our covers and onto our beds.

Luckily, an understanding boss will understand this, especially if you have a good reason. On the otherhand, there are instances that are just difficult to believe or let off the hook.

Take for example one guy who turned up a jaw-dropping seven and a half hours late to work didn't bother coming up with any excuse at all, reports Daily Star.

Yes, imagine that! He ended up telling his boss the truth as to why he was so late and admitted he had just ‘slept in’. His colleague and Twitter user @Deannooo took to the social media app to share the man's beyond bold move. It's now gone viral as many weigh in with their thoughts on the situation.

He wrote on Twitter: "Young laddie I work with has just turned up to the work SEVEN AND A HALF HOURS LATE and said ‘sorry, I slept in’ hahahahahahahahahaha."

Since being posted, the tweet has gained just about 17,000 likes and many others are joining in and sharing similar situations of their own.

One person said: "Been there."

Another user tweeted: "We had one not turn up because 'he can’t hear his alarm clock and is buying a louder one.'"

"Hah no worse than calling in at 3 and saying “I don’t think I’ll make it in today," said another.

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