Man shocked to discover the truth after finding dozens of creepy notes in their house

Man shocked to discover the truth after finding dozens of creepy notes in their house

Sometimes the internet throws up perfect little short stories, the kind of which some of the biggest horror authors out there would be proud of.

That was exactly the direction one Reddit thread appeared to be heading, after an internet user posted about encountering dozens of creepy notes around their house.

The Reddit user @RBradbury1920 began the thread by explaining that they had seen a number of post-it notes left around their home and were worried that a stalker may have been breaking in without their knowledge.

"On the 15th of April I found a yellow Post-it note in a handwriting that wasn't mine on my desk reminding me of some errands I had to do, but told literally nobody about,” they wrote.

The Reddit user said that it was thrown away and initially forgotten about.


Only, a few days later, the person noticed more notes, and they checked their home to look for signs of a break-in.

At that point, they began setting up a webcam to try and catch any intruders. However, after finding another note reading: "Our landlord isn't letting me talk to you, but it's important we do."

At this point, the Redditor thought that they’d be able to catch the intruder on the webcam. However, there was no footage – or whatever footage there had been, had been deleted.

More and more notes kept being found, and it was at that point that the Reddit posted her problem online and sought advice.

"Would contacting the police get me into any trouble, if they can't determine an outside source for this? I just want to make sure I'm not wasting anyone's time. Should I consult my landlord? Those also living in the complex?" they wrote.

After hearing the story, people took to the comments with their concerns, and some suggested that it could be a “mental” issue which the user needed help with.

One reader wrote: "It's possible that your landlord is leaving notes inside your apartment, but they don't make any sense in the context you're describing them. It's likely that you are writing the notes yourself, but you are forgetting. Do you use Post-it notes as reminders in any other parts of your life or job? Yes, this might be a mental health issue. You might be experiencing some sort of dissociative disorder."

After taking suggestions from Redditors, @RBradbury1920 gave an update and revealed that the source of the problem stemmed from a carbon monoxide leak in their home, which had caused them to forget leaving the notes themselves. High levels of exposure to the gas can cause memory loss.

They wrote: "Thanks to everyone who sent suggestions and gave advice on how to proceeded – especially to those who recommended a CO detector ... because when I plugged one in in the bedroom, it read at 100ppm. TL;DR: I had CO poisoning and thought my landlord was stalking me."

Mystery solved.

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