Man accused of shaming Tinder date after she paid for her share of meal with coins

A man has angered people online after he posted a TikTok video ridiculing his date for paying for her meal with coins.

TikToker Dan Duarte (@thewaterboy) was on a second date with a woman he met from dating app Tinder and he had previously taken to a golf range.

For the second date, the pair went out for a meal and when it came to paying the bill Dan decided to record himself giving a side-eye and stroking his beard before panning the camera around to show his date counting out coins - presumably for her own dinner.


I decided to go out with her again and she does this… YOU CANT MAKE THIS UP! 💀

Dan detailed in the on-screen caption: “On a second date with Tinder girl and she’s paying with coins. I decided to go out with her again and she does this... You can’t make this up!”

The TikToker’s video soon went viral, receiving 3.7m views and over 370,000 likes.

But it seems that it gained attention for all the wrong reasons as people took to the comments section to berate Dan for shaming his Tinder date for simply using her coins.

One person wrote: “She’s probably paying with coins to embarrass you for embarrassing her and making her pay.”

“My question is, why is she wasting her coins on you?” Another person asked.

Someone else added: “Maybe that’s all she has? I would be grateful someone was paying. Change spends the same.”

“You just embarrassed yourself bro,” a fourth person replied.

Meanwhile, men were criticising some people in the comments who said that Dan should have paid for his date’s meal.

One person wrote: “All of you people seriously have nothing better to do rather than say ‘Why is she paying?’ Maybe because a man shouldn’t HAVE to pay.”

“These comments are stuck in the 1950s, it’s either you want all the gender roles or no gender roles,” another person said.

However, many disagreed with this take and argued that Dan was being rude, regardless of who was paying for the meal as he was mocking and recording her for using coins.

One person wrote: “Is [sic] not the paying part... Girls can pay too... is [sic] the ‘let me embarrass her.’”

“It don’t [sic] matter who [sic] paying but the fact you’re embarrassing her and judging her for paying with what she had to go on a date with a lame like you wow,” another person added.

Elsewhere, some believe that Dan was trolling everyone and that his “Tinder date” was actually his girlfriend.

One person wrote: “Y’all really haven’t picked out on the joke yet?”

“‘Tinder Girl’ may be his actual girl and he’s doing this to trigger everyone. She probably just carries change and is using it so it doesn’t affect the tip,” another person commented.

Can’t imagine a third date will be on the cards for Dan if his date sees his viral video.

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