Man swimming in bin in 40C heat loses his cool with nosy passer-by

Man swimming in bin in 40C heat loses his cool with nosy passer-by
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On one of the hottest days in England, a man was spotted in a trash bin filled with water - but the situation didn't seem to stay cool.

A video uploaded to TikTok by @thehalalham begins with a car driving by and recording a man in his front yard chilling in the water-filled trash bin, sporting sunglasses and holding a cocktail.

And before long, the person behind the camera asks the man if he's enjoying the weather.

Confused by the question, the man in the bin responded:" Yeah, I'm enjoying it. Am I not allowed?"

"Yeah, but you're in the bin," the cameraman said.

"If you want to fight about it, be a man, come out and fight about it," the man in the bin said.

This essentially leads to a back and forth between both parties.

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"Listen, knobhead, if I want to have a swim in my own bin, on the hottest day that we've ever had in England, then I am entitled to do so," the man continued.

"I'm not trying to stop you," the cameraman said before noting again that the man was in a bin.

"I'm trying to enjoy the hottest day in England; it's 40 degrees," the bin man said.

"It's not a celebration," the cameraman said.

The bin man responded: "It's a celebration for normal English people like me."

He reiterated to the cameraman that the two could fight it out, but the cameraman said he wasn't looking for a fight.

They both continued to have a debate back and forth to the point that the cameraman did walk over to the man in the bin despite no desire to fight the man who was riled up.

But, seemingly egging the man in the bin on, the cameraman said, "Come on then, get out of there."

The man begins to stand up in the bin with his cocktail in hand while threatening that he would "knock your bloody nose down your throat."

However, that sentiment was short-lived because he completely fell out of the bin as water cascaded all around the ground.


He was swimming in the bin 🤣🤣🤣 on hottest day ever in england #england #hotweather #swimming #swimmingpool #pool

It is unclear if the video is a parody or not.

The video was also shared on Twitter and caught the attention of many people who believed this was quite the situation.

One wrote: "My heads gone. The most British fella I've ever seen."

"Let the man enjoy his bin&tonic in peace," another quipped.

A third wrote: "'In my own bin, in my own home' - someone capable of saying that without knowing it was funny would be incapable of getting himself into a bin full of water without a lot of assistance."

Someone passed a joke about a music career and added: "Havin' a Cocktail in the Bin" is the first single on the debut album of my incipient English prog-rock band."

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