Sneaky Dog Steals Dinner From Counter When Nobody Is Looking

There's an unspoken rule amongst colleagues around certain foods that don't belong in the office – whether that be boiled eggs for breakfast or reheated fish.

But now, Redditors are side-eyeing one anonymous worker who claimed to like to make a family pack of BirdsEye potato waffles on their lunch.

The Reddit poster shared a photo of a box of ten toaster potato waffles and asked: "Does anyone else have any taboo food habits?"

They added: "The office stares at me in unfathomable horror when I pop the entire pack of 10 of these bad boys in the toaster for lunch".

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Dozens of fellow Redditors hit back, with one stunned user saying: "10 waffles, Jeremy? 10? Are you insane?"

To make matters worse, the worker later admitted in the comments that he hogs the kitchen "for like half an hour" due to the office only having a four-piece toaster. "Lucky I'm the only one that goes to lunch at that point, I guess," he said.

One person jokingly responded that with "940 calories of carbs for lunch", the toaster wasn't the only thing he was clogging up.

Meanwhile, another compared it to a peculiar situation of their own, writing: "I was once having a bad shift and got a discounted whole Batman birthday cake from Tesco to sit and devour.

"It didn't make things better, it just made the rest of the shift a lot sleepier. And yet, ten waffles are still somehow worse....."

However, one Redditor was unfazed by the revelation and seemed pretty excited about their newfound knowledge. They wrote: "You can put these in the toaster? Have I been missing something my entire life?"

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