The map of what everyone is secretly thinking about other countries


Recently we Googled the world for underlying perceptions about countries around the world, about British countries and countries in Europe.

As we've previously discussed, the autocomplete function can reveal underlying stereotypes about an area, based on what people search about it:

We should have listened...

Anyway, people seemed to like those, so we've tinkered with the formula a little.

Rather than waiting for results for...

Why is [country] so...

...we've used...

When will [country]...

...which reveals a number of actions expected of a country.

Here's what it came up with (for a full size version click here):

Many of the results in South America and Africa seem to refer to football fixtures while many in Eastern Europe show a concern for who joins the EU.

Meanwhile, some autocompletes for Scandinavia and Western Europe show a fixation with Islam.

Pokemon Go is also a fixation worldwide, though we imagine this will change in future years.

Geographical entries such as Greenland's and Australia's must be our favourite, however. It gives these monumental events a startling immediacy.

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