Man's marriage proposal on a hot air balloon goes horribly wrong

Man's marriage proposal on a hot air balloon goes horribly wrong

It was a high stakes marriage proposal gone wrong

@graysworld / Instagram

Elaborate marriage proposals are amazing, and can create some of the most memorable moments in life – until they go wrong.

That’s what appeared to happen to content creator Gray Fagan, who recently proposed to his girlfriend, Chloe, on a hot air balloon.

In a 12 November video, Fagan whips out a ring while he and Chloe are high in the sky, amid a crowd of fellow balloon tourists.

What happened next didn’t make anybody very happy, by the looks of things. Or did it...?

He said: “Um, Chloe, I’ve known you for six years now. I, uh, have known since the day I met you that I wanted you to be my friend and partner forever.

“And today I thought on this beautiful day, in this beautiful place, I would make it official and ask you to be my wife.”

Rather than saying yes, Chloe looked shocked and close to tears, repeatedly pushing the ring away and saying: “Please stop.”

Fagan was optimistic in the video caption, writing: “Technically she never said no.”

However, there's a catch.

The creator’s profile says he barters in “scripted chaos”. Could it be a total fake?

Many in the comments seem to have interpreted it as genuine.

One person wrote: “Would have been a good idea to bring a parachute instead of a picnic basket.”

Another said: “The people behind you probably want to jump from second hand embarrassment.”

A third added: “The moment of silence was deafening.”

However, others speculated that the video is scripted. If it was, Fagan’s got the attention he wanted, with more than 35m people having watched it on TikTok and 151,000 likes on Instagram.

One person said: “This is scripted but ok lol.”

Another wrote: “My skin is crawling. Absolutely brilliant video once again.”

And a third person said: “The amount of people have posted and commented on this on Twitter thinking it’s real worries me greatly.”

Sounds like they know something the others don’t.

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