Sky Sports’ Martin Brundle ruffles Machine Gun Kelly’s feathers during viral F1 clash

Sky Sports’ Martin Brundle ruffles Machine Gun Kelly’s feathers during viral F1 clash
Machine Gun Kelly storms off F1 grid interview with Sky Sports' Martin …
Sky Sports F1

Music artist Machine Gun Kelly has the most savage reaction to F1’s Martin Brundle after walking away from the Sky interviewer.

Brundle is well known for his grid walks as he tries to catch live interviews with celebrities, sometimes leading to awkward encounters like when Brad Pitt completely snubbed him.

This time, the British former racing driver was on the tarmac ahead of the Brazilian Grand Prix race where he managed to catch a few moments with Machine Gun Kelly.

Brundle first asked the American rapper about his career and what is going on with him currently, prompting quite a strange response, as Kelly simply replied: “Oh, my career. I don’t think about my career, I don’t think about it.”

But, the artist perked up a bit when asked about F1, saying, “I think your business (F1) is great. It’s loud, your life is on the line and that’s exciting.

“I was in a studio the other week and Lewis Hamilton was in the other studio. That was nice, yeah.”

He then flipped the question around and asked Brundle what he thinks about the music business.

The Sky Sports presenter replied, saying that there’s always been “a synergy between the music business and the motor racing business”.

Things then got very odd as Kelly asked Brundle to do his best “air piano”, so they could do a “collaboration”, which Brundle politely declined. The presenter explained that he “probably needs to get on”, prompting a thumbs down to the camera from Kelly before he walked off, disappointed.

Brundle concluded: “Something tells me I won’t be on his Christmas list.”

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