A recent video went viral on Twitter showing two New York Police Department officers pushing a man out of a New York City subway station, causing fury on social media.

In the video, recorded by an onlooker, Andy Gilbert is pushed by cops after he reportedly asked them where their masks were.

The male cop pushes Gilbert away from the subway platform at 8th Street station with the aid of his female police partner. The female officer helped to push the emergency gate open, as shown in the video.

“I kept asking why aren’t you wearing a mask. Eventually, he said I was being disruptive,” Gilbert told The New York Post.

“He said, ‘If you’re not going to ride the train, you can get out’.”

Gilbert claimed that he spoke with the cops for a couple of minutes before they pushed him out. “Sorry, I can’t hear through your mask,” said the male officer, who initially claimed he couldn’t follow what Gilbert was saying.

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Face masks are required on all public transit, by law.

Violations can result in a fine of up to $50. After the officer grabbed Gilbert to shove him out, the woman who videotaped the disturbance stated she witnessed the cops refuse to listen to Gilbert and started filming the situation on her phone.

People on Twitter were outraged to see people who have taken on the job to protect others from harm could be negligent. Check out those responses below.

At a recent press conference pertaining to the incident, NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea said that it was “absolutely inexcusable.”

“I’ve been the first to defend officers. I think many of you know that. I’m also the first to call out wrong when it’s wrong. Absolutely inexcusable,” he said.

“There’s no excuse for what I saw in that video; we’re better than that,” he continued.

Commissioner Shea further noted that no one would be fired or suspended over the incident, but he isn’t “attempting” to downplay the situation.

The NYPD’s Covid-19 vaccination rate is 69 per cent, which is lower than the city average.

The department protocols mandate mask usage for cops on the job. But if they don’t wear one, they will be disciplined.

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