Author who promised to eat his book if Corbyn won more seats is going through a difficult time right now


Matthew Goodwin, co-author of Brexit: Why Britain voted to leave the European Union, said something he’s probably really, really regrets right now.

He tweeted last month that he didn’t think Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour would poll 38 per cent in the general election.

But Labour won 40.3 per cent of the vote.

Fair enough, you might say, we all get things a bit wrong from time to time.

But the big difference here is that Goodwin vowed to eat his own book if Corbyn did gain a majority.

"Happily," in fact.

And apparently, the pressure is on. 'Corbynistas' are not leaving the poor man alone:

It hasn't yet been fully confirmed, but it does seem that people want Goodwin to eat the book.

Maybe he can reach out to Lord Ashdown for some advice?

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