YouTuber Max Fosh spoils The Lion King musical for friend - with the help of nine bald men

YouTuber Max Fosh spoils The Lion King musical for friend - with the help of nine bald men
I Wrote Movie Spoilers On Bald Men's Heads... To Get Revenge

Warning: This post contains spoilers for ‘The Lion King’. We’d like to think it’s obvious in the picture for this article and common knowledge at this point, but just to cover our backs.

Unless you’re one of those people who somehow finds pleasure in ruining other people’s enjoyment of popular TV shows and films, then you probably hate it when a close friend or family member betrays you and tells you what happens in a series before you’ve got to that point in the show – also known as a spoiler.

YouTuber Max Fosh certainly does, and when it comes to getting his own back on people, he likes to do something a little bit silly.

After all, we’re talking about the person who launched a bid to be mayor of London just to try and get more votes than controversial commentator Laurence Fox; pranked arrivals flying into Gatwick with a ‘Welcome to Luton’ sign; and convinced an estate agent to let him have a poo in a £10 million penthouse.

Clearly, this is not someone to be messed with.

Nevertheless, a few months ago, his friend Charlie decided to reveal what happens in the infamous ‘Red Wedding’ episode of the hit fantasy series Game of Thrones, and Fosh was fuming.

So, armed with the knowledge that Charlie would soon be seeing The Lion King musical in the West End, Fosh decided to get his own back with the help of an unlikely group of people.

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Bald men.

Yes, really.

“If I booked 12 seats at the theatre, and got bald men to sit in those seats, I could then write a spoiler on their heads one letter at a time,” said Fosh in the video’s opening.

The major spoiler for The Lion King, of course, is that Simba’s dad, Mufasa, dies.

And so there you have it, ‘Mufasa dies’ would be the two words spelled out on the heads of nine bald men – with Fosh getting involved too, of course.

“So I snapped up 11 seats right in front of the stage for the exact performance that Charlie would be attending, and my, my, it wasn’t cheap,” Fosh continued.

£2,236.50, to be exact.

And the casting call for such an elaborate prank was equally as wild.

“Bald men wanted. Do you rarely use shampoo? If so, have I got a job for you!

“Looking for bald individuals to be a human sign,” it read.

With the help of some covert filming from Charlie’s girlfriend, and the bald men staggering their entry to avoid suspicion, the stage was set for stunt.

Pun very much intended.

And so, when Charlie was seated in the upper levels of the auditorium and all nine bald men were ready to go, they took off their caps to reveal the message.

“You… b******. Unbelievable. Ridiculous,” Charlie told Fosh after the performance.

Yeah, we’d say that’s a fair response.

No one likes a snitch, but we couldn’t help but send a request for comment to the producers of The Lion King musical to ask them what they made of all this.

So, indy100 has approached representatives of ‘The Lion King’ for a statement.

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