Laurence Fox is apparently helping to pay for his London mayoral rival’s campaign

Laurence Fox is apparently helping to pay for his London mayoral rival’s campaign

Laurence Fox is helping to pay for his mayoral rival’s campaign, his rival has claimed.

In his latest YouTube video, Max Fosh said that the Reclaim Party ‘politician’ was placing adverts on his videos, leading him to reap financial rewards.

He said: “I’ve been getting a few messages over the last couple of days saying that the Reclaim Party and Laurence Fox are putting their adverts over the front of my videos which is incredibly kind of them because they are inadvertently paying for my campaign.

“I’m not sure if in the history of politics a party has paid another party to run, but in this instance that’s exactly what’s happening”.

Fox is one of 20 people who hope to become the next mayor of London, despite Sadiq Khan’s massive lead in the polls rendering any other candidate’s bid unlikely. He is running against ‘woke culture’ and is against lockdown and vaccines. He has also pledged to build more statues if he is elected. So, his finger is firmly on the pulse.

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Fosh, on the other hand, is running with the sole aim of getting more votes than Fox and, now that his rival is giving him a helping hand, perhaps that will happen.

To thank Fox for his generosity, Fosh delivered Colin the Caterpillar cakes to him and his political donor Jeremy Hosking, and they had a brief conversation on the phone.

“I’m so grateful,” Fox said, before challenging his opponent to a debate.

“Did you have a wee before you left the house?” he also asked, and called Fosh “baby”.

We look forward to seeing whether Fox will continue to fund Fosh’s pranks – or whether he will spend that money in the newly reopened pubs instead.

Either way, as long as he is wasting it on things that are not his own campaign – that sits well with us.

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