YouTuber behind ‘Welcome to Luton’ sign at Gatwick reveals how he did it

YouTuber behind ‘Welcome to Luton’ sign at Gatwick reveals how he did it
YouTuber displays ‘Welcome to Luton’ sign on Gatwick flight path
Max Fosh/YouTube

Max Fosh has certainly been “silly to the max” already this year: taking on Laurence Fox by running for Mayor of London, marrying into the royal family (yes, really), and now pulling off a cheeky prank on London Gatwick passengers.

The content creator, who has more than 950,000 subscribers on YouTube, confirmed he was the mastermind behind the joke in a video uploaded to his channel on Wednesday.

“It was when I was flying into London a few ago that I remembered something,” he told his viewers, referring to a man from America who put a ‘Welcome to Cleveland’ sign on top of his house near Milwaukee Airport.

He continued: “This was silly enough to pique my interest and so I wanted to do my own version in the UK.

“I want the passengers to think, genuinely, for half a second, they have actually landed in the wrong place.”

And after finding a site which was willing to hoist the message, and pegging down 382 ringlets in an installation costing more than £4,000, that he did.

I Made Tourists Think They Landed At The Wrong

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One passenger from Essex, Abbey Desmond, told BBC News it had left her in a “state of panic”.

And she wasn’t the only one:

If you fancy seeing it for yourself, Fosh has said it’ll be in the field until 30 June, with potential passengers told to “get a seat on the left side of the plane” to catch it.

It’s plane silly, for sure, but we love it.

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