YouTuber tricks real estate agent into letting him poo in £10 million penthouse

YouTuber tricks real estate agent into letting him poo in £10 million penthouse
YouTuber tricks real estate agent into letting him defecate in £10m penthouse
Max Fosh

Sometimes we can’t believe the stories we have to write, and UK YouTuber Max Fosh managing to convince an estate agent to let him do a poo in a flat valued at more than £10 million is no exception.

Fosh, who has previously made headlines for taking on controversial anti-vaxxer Laurence Fox in 2021’s London mayoral election and confusing Gatwick arrivals with a ‘Welcome to Luton’ sign, is being silly once again by sneaking into an expensive flat just to take a dump.

Branding it as possibly “the silliest thing I’ve ever done” on his YouTube channel, Fosh revealed he came up with the idea while “doing my ablutions” (that means washing yourself, folks).

“I was thinking, what is it like for the super wealthy when they are evacuating their sacred place? So I wanted to find out,” he said.

After learning from a friend in the real estate business that estate agents don’t ask much about you before arranging a viewing, and he simply needed to “pass the vibe check”, Fosh roped in a friend called Molly to pose as a personal assistant to a “family office”.

Taking the ridiculousness to the next level, she wouldn’t be called Molly while on the phone, but rather ‘Po’ – full name, Po Enya Holmes.

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Yes, it’s an actual ‘poo in your homes’ pun. Brilliant.

Surprisingly, it worked, and the appointment was successfully booked for 12:30pm two days later. The only problem was that in confirming she was calling on her WhatsApp number, Molly realised her name on there wasn’t actually Po Enya Holmes.

“So whilst on the phone, Molly had to change the name on her WhatsApp number to Po Enya Holmes. As you can tell, we are professionals,” Fosh added.

After meeting the estate agent in the reception area of the building, the content creator explained that he “didn’t need a poo at this point”, but a “shining hand from God” presented the “perfect opportunity” in the form of an afternoon coffee.

“Bean juice does the business,” he confirmed.

Good to know.

After having a look around and making more poo puns, Fosh set his sights on finding “the nicest water closet” in which he could play his “very own game of battleships”.

He added: “Every loo I looked at, I was wondering, is this the porcelain throne on which I’m going to be placing my porcelain buttocks?”

Eventually, he settled on a toilet that had a huge window offering a view of the London skyline, including the Shard. He also planned ahead by bringing along his own toilet tissue.

Fosh continued: “I didn’t have very long. [Bodyguard] Steve downstairs had been tasked with distracting our real estate friend, asking all sorts of questions and being intimidating.

“So there I was, 60 floors up, sat on a porcelain throne, dropping a biscuit in a basket, and watching my stand-up special … And then, after a bit of maneuvering, we had take off.”

I Tricked Real Estate Agents To Let Me Poop In £10M

Sharing the audio of a very light ‘plop’, Fosh concluded the video by celebrating the fact he was now in a “very, very exclusive club”.

“The number of people that are able to sit above London and produce a plop, and I was now an esteemed member of that club,” he said.

It’s as unbelievable as it sounds, and even commenters were in shock at the level of silliness involved.

“Just imagine looking up at some multimillion-dollar apartment and seeing Max Fosh casually dropping a deuce,” wrote one.

Another quipped: “Should have told the real estate agent that you’d seen a better property the day before, and this property was only the ‘number two’ option.”

“Honestly, passing the ‘vibe check’ is a great summarisation of a lot of the audacious videos you’ve done,” commented a third.

We’re pleased to see when it comes to producing the silliest content out there, progress hasn’t stalled – or rather, stooled – for Max Fosh.

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