For most people, being proposed to – or proposing to someone – is one of life’s most memorable and special moments.

But one groom-to-be has pulled out all the stops to ensure nobody forgets his proposal in a hurry.

Let’s just say it was unorthodox.

A photo of a burger bun with an engagement ring stuck in it was shared to Facebook group, Optimistic or Pessimistic, where it's been liked more than 18,000 times.

Yes, that’s right, this groom-to-be surprised his fiancé by placing her engagement ring in a McDonald's Big Mac.


People are divided on whether they’d appreciate the proposal. Some have said it’s a “McDream”, while others have labelled it a “McNightmare”.

Other people suggested using an onion ring, while others suggested other items from the McDonald's menu.

It begs the question: if you had to propose to someone in a McDonald’s menu item, which would you choose? Are you a fillet-o-fish or a chicken legend?

H/T: The Sun

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