Comedian imagines what actually went on during Boris Johnson's resignation speech
Michael Spicer

Sorry seemed to be the hardest word for Boris Johnson during his resignation speech but comedian Michael Spicer has shared a sketch imagining what the prime minister was actually advised to say.

In the viral video, Spicer’s exasperated adviser is seen attempting to feed lines to the prime minister from the next room to no avail. After swigging from a water bottle, Spicer begins:

“Remember, it’s time to be humble. And just to be on the safe side, I’ve written down the definition of humble and emailed it to you under the subject heading, “You have well and truly f****ed everything up.”

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As Johnson continues, “I want to say to the millions of people who voted for us in 2019”, Spicer urges him to conclude, “Sorry for partying every single Friday whilst telling us at the same time we couldn’t sit on a park bench with our nan.”

The Prime Minister continues by listing his achievements in office including “getting Brexit done”, championing relations with the Continent, “getting us all through the pandemic”, the speed of the vaccine rollout and “the fastest exit from lockdown”. Naturally, this litany of lies and misrepresentations is savagely ripped apart by Spicer.

The video is rounded off with Johnson addressing the public directly and stating he wants them to know how “sad” he is with an increasingly desperate Spicer begging the PM to say sorry. With it becoming abundantly clear the statement is coming to a close, the adviser is seen to say:

“Wait, no, don’t wrap this up, you haven’t said sorry for anything yet. Please say sorry. Just once.”

When it becomes apparent this is not going to happen, he hangs his head and mutters an expletive, a not uncommon experience when listening to the prime minister.

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