Miss Hitler 2014: Yes, there really is a neo-Nazi beauty contest

In one of the more disturbing corners of the internet, a group of neo-Nazi Russian and Ukrainian social media users is currently holding a beauty contest that has been dubbed 'Miss Hitler'.

The competition, officially titled 'Miss Ostland' - thought to be named after the territory occupied by the Nazis in eastern Europe - asks contestants to post a picture of themselves on the @hitler_public page of VKontakte, Russia's Facebook equivalent.

Rules of entry are apparently quite simple, as Vocativ reports:

"1. Be a woman.

2. Be a Nazi.

3. Be a woman Nazi.

4. Be a woman who hates Jews.

5. Be a member of the “Adolf Hitler” VKontakte group.

6. Post a sexy Nazi pic.

7. Get other Nazis to like your pic.

8. Don’t insult other women’s pictures. Nazis are a lot of things, but they are apparently not catty on social media."

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