Models are making anonymous confessions about their industry

Models are making anonymous confessions about their industry

From the outside the world of an international model appears idyllic.

A life reserved for the stunningly beautiful, designer clothes and jet-setting.

But the reality can be far from the perception.

Working models have shared their honest feeling about the industry on the anonymous app Whisper, and their words make for an eye-opening read:

Being a model is hard work. You have to pretend to feel something you don't - like happiness

I'm a model, and people never understand me when I tell them it's extremely hard

As a model it's our job to pose for pictures, walk on runways and be in TV commercials. Not to make you feel like shit so please stop blaming us

I'm a professional model and have an eating disorder. Ninety nine per cent of my fellow models do too. I wish I could change the industry, but it's currently helping me pay for college so I feel helpless

Everyone thinks it's because I like modelling but the truth is, I just do it to be around taller people than myself. I hate being around short people because I feel like a freak

Being a model isn't as glamorous as the media makes it out to be... Worst decision I ever made. It has destroyed me

I'm 5'9 and I model but I am still deathly insecure about every part of me...

I work as a model and had Vogue castings today, but all I want to do is go home and be with my family

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