Mom dresses as giant cat at school board meeting to make offensive point

Mom dresses as giant cat at school board meeting to make offensive point
Mom dresses as giant cat at school board meeting in weird 'woke' …

An Arizona mother has gone viral after showing up to a school board meeting dressed like a cat to protest one of the board members being transgender.

Lindsey Graham, a salon owner with a podcast called Patriot Barbie, wore a tight-fitted leopard catsuit to the Liberty Elementary District in Maricopa, Arizona last month.

"I am a cat, meow, meow," Graham said into a microphone when it was her turn to speak. “I’m not a woman dressed as a cat, but I am a cat."

The Arizona mother used her cat costume as an example of a person identifying with a gender different from the sex they were assigned at birth, specifically aimed at a transgender school board member.

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Using phrases like "mental disorder", "playing dress up", and "altered realities", Graham attacked the transgender woman's identity.

This past year, Republicans have launched campaigns against school boards, teachers, and staff for introducing LGBTQ+ friendly rhetoric and ideas in the classroom.

Most notably, Florida passed the "Don't Say Gay" bill earlier this year.

An anti-transgender conspiracy theory circulated around conservative groups earlier this year that falsely claimed schools installed litter boxes into bathrooms for children identifying with cats.

Graham's video landed her a spot on Jesse Watters Primetime on Fox News where she continued to speak out against the transgender school board member.

Appearing in the same catsuit as she did at the school board, Graham misgendered the transgender woman.

"Not only does he appear in front of the children and insist that the children define him as a woman, but he sits on the board and he’s making decisions for these children," Graham told Jesse Watters.

The Arizona mother spent the rest of the interview belittling the woman's transition by claiming they "put on lipstick", grow their hair out, and wear their "deceased wife's clothes."

It is unclear if Graham's children attend the school or if it only a local school.

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