Woman captures mortifying moment colleagues overhear her ranting to pals on Zoom

One work-from-home nightmare became a mortifying reality for one TikTok user, whose unmuted microphone resulted in co-workers listening in on her rant about work.

On her second day of a new sales job, Alex (@alllyvert) experienced an unfortunate mishap. She filmed herself during a heated monologue about her new job. Unaware to Alex, her colleagues could hear her entire conversation, which prompted one of them to interrupt.

Alex wasn’t happy that she had got ready for a meeting and everyone had their cameras off TikTok

She said, “My work from home fit today, some f***ing bulls***, ‘cause I got ready and everyone has their cameras off. I got this frizzy ass gym hair from yesterday. This shirt is from...”

The 24-year-old then froze in a moment of panic as her rant was cut short by a coworker. He is heard saying in the background, “Hey guys, I can hear you, just so you’re aware”.

In utter shock, Alex whispered to the camera, “He can hear me?!”

The TikToker froze in fear as she couldn’t believe she had left her mic unmuted TikTok

The video has since been viewed over 900K views, with hundreds of mortified TikTok users experiencing second-hand anxiety and taking to the comments.

“I would just quit and move to another state”, one dramatically suggested.

In fewer words, one said, “I would die.”

“My biggest fear in the world”, another written.

While another felt second-hand embarrassment and commented, “I had to pause - I felt your panic.”

You can watch the full video here.

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