This is what the 'most attractive man' in each country looks like according to AI

This is what the 'most attractive man' in each country looks like according to AI
Robot dog critiques art after analysing pieces using artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence has revealed what the most conventionally attractive man looks like according to the tastes of different countries.

AI technology has advanced to mind-boggling capabilities, leaving many fearful for what the future may hold if it ends up in the wrong hands.

But until then, others have decided to have fun with AI and use it to decipher the peak of physical attraction in men across the globe.

Midjourney is a generative artificial intelligence program and it has been used to make images featuring men mostly with large muscles and chiselled jaws, representing the “Most attractive man in a country”.

The reel of photos included the most attractive men in 20 different countries including, Greece, Syria, the USA and North Korea and the results were shared on the Midjourney Reddit community.

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The candidate for North Korea could be seen wearing what appears to be a military uniform and had a portrait of a leader behind him.

The most attractive man in the Central African Republic had dark brown skin and chest tattoos and wore lots of beaded necklaces.

Some Reddit users compared the Kazakhstani man to a “Disney adaptation villain” or a “spicy Harry Styles” as the AI version resembled some of the singer’s features such as his eyes and hair.

The AI-generated American man featured shoulder-lengthed light brown and blonde hair with blue eyes, a beard and big muscles.

One Redditor commented: “I like how USA is literally just Chris Hemsworth lol.”

Another said: “Men of Reddit take note: to be attractive you must look concerned, sincere or intense ... ideally all three at once.”

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